Zyliss' heritage of excellence in the high-end kitchen tools and gadgets category began in Switzerland more than 60 years ago. Internationally respected for design, quality, functionality and durability, the Zyliss brand is favoured by both everyday cooks and renowned gourmet chefs around the world. Inspiration for Zyliss products is derived from anticipating changes in lifestyle trends worldwide. Season after season, Zyliss introduces products that reflect a remarkable sensitivity to consumer demands in the areas of ergonomics, colour in the home and use of technology.

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  1. Zyliss Bundle Select Carving Knife Set

    As low as $25.00 Regular Price $219.90

  2. Zyliss Cooking Oil Mister
    Special Price $26.90 Regular Price $28.95
  3. Zyliss Household Shears Black
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price $15.95
  4. Zyliss Kitchen Shears 21cm - Red
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $34.95
  5. Zyliss Non-Stick 3pc Paring Knife Set
    Special Price $18.00 Regular Price $48.95
  6. Zyliss Sandwich Spreading Knife
    Special Price $12.90 Regular Price $13.95
  7. Zyliss Shake 'N Pour Dressing Shaker
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $44.95

16 Items

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