Start Here. Protect, Save and Recycle
OZKitchenware is bringing you Eco-Friendly Environment products to help save and product our environment. We shall start from our house, there are a number of products you can consider when purchasing kitchenware.

Highly Recommended Bokashi Bin for Recycle Food Waste
Food scrap and leftover food will always be our main wastage. We can reduce and turn the food waste into rich fertiliser. Check out our recycle waste bin selection.

Bring your own water bottle
Thirsty! The most quickest way is to buy a mineral water bottle at a convenience store. What about the empty bottle after that? Help to reduce an additional waste, carry your own water bottle.
Our selection range from Insulated Water Bottles, BPA Free Water Bottles and Glass Water Bottles. Be it cold or hot.

Do your part! Bring your own bag and food storage
Be it a lunch bag or lunch basket, grocery bag or grocery trolley, freezer bag or freezer tote another way to help reduce usage of plastic bag or paper bag.

Mother Nature is the best source
Drying your laundry on clothes airer under the sun during the summer not only save your electricity bills but reduce noise pollution.
In the winter these compact and lightweight clothes airer can be move to indoor

Bamboo is the Best
Why Bamboo Products? This slim and green plant is an organic products because it grows well without any pesticides or fertilizers hence no chemical enter our mother earth.
As a fast growing plant, bamboo can easily replaced without causing deforestation. Furthermore, Bamboo structure has a high tensile strength and use for scaffolding in the building world.