Blumat Maxi Drip Self Watering Extension Kit - Pack of 2

  • Simple and safe to use at the weekend,holidays or all year round
  • Suitable for deeper pots(30cm)
  • Compact and innovation watering way
  • No power source needed
  • Release accurate amount of water

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    Product Description
    Blumat maxi drip self watering extension kit

    The Blumat maxi drip self watering extension kit a specially designed with the automatic irrigation system. Which is does not have to connected in to the any power supply , neither does it require a timer or computer. Each ceramic cone react to the moisture content of the surrounding soil , only produce the varying water requirements of individual plants.

    Blumat maxi drip system automatically will supply low speed and prefect amount of water level which is the plant enable to receive will not experience the dry out or negative effects of incorrect watering and over watering.This ensure plant very profuse also stay healthy and strong when you are on vacation.

    Conventional water system produce water at intervals as scheduled via computer supplies plants drips water via thin tubing.

    By using blumat You can save your time , money and resources

  • Save yourself the trouble of daily watering.Based on statistics indicate that on average 100 liters of water are wasted over the summer months on watering flower boxes on the balcony and 200 excess liters on watering hanging basket plants. 350 excess liters are used on tomatoes.
  • Give your plant always right amount of water
  • Blumat system a simple and safe to use at the weekend ,on the holiday so you can go off holiday in the safe knowledge that your plants will be watered.

    Care & Tips
    Deciding how many Trop-Blumat are necessary
  • Watering planter boxes : Use the rule of thumb: 4 drip locations (Blumat) per 100 cm box length (box width- 20 cm) , 3 dippers for 80 cm. For wider troughs (such as 100x40 cm) , usually 6-7 Blumat are enough , depending on the size of the plants – also see bed plantings.

  • Watering in pots :Every pot should have 1 Tropf-Blumat. According to the pot size , 1 Tropf-Blumat is enough for pots up to 20 cm in diameter , for pots up to 40 cm use 2 Tropf-Blumat , up to 50 cm 3 Tropf-Blumat. The size of the plant is also an important factor and sometimes the needs of a particular plant species play a role when deciding on the number of Tropf-Blumat needed. Large containers such as planting tubs, for example, should often have fewer diapers in order to avoid overwatering.

  • Bed plantings :2 plants (the size of typical summer flowers such as geraniums) require 1 Tropf- Blumat (plant spacing 20-22 cm) , when planted closer together (about 15 cm) , 1 Tropf-Blumat is enough for a group of 3 plants.

    Connection to an elevated reservoir tank
    The connection onto the elevated tank (spigot with a hose) should be mounted towards the bottom of the tank, about 5 cm above the tank floor (12 mm borehole). The elevation of the tank should be at least 70 cm above the watering level (top of the pot) to the bottom of the tank, in order to produce the necessary minimum pressure. Overly low pressure can result in clogging of the tubing. The tank can be purchased at a local hardware store to meet individual needs. It should be impenetrable to light and should be cleaned occasionally.

    Tubing installation
    The 8 mm-water supply tubing should be placed near the plants on top of the pots or along the top of the planter boxes. For each desired Tropf-Blumat location, the tubing is cut and the t-connector is inserted into the two ends of tubing (for the last Tropf-Blumat at the end of the tubing, use an end piece instead of the t-connector). The tubing can be mounted using support pins which are an accessory to the system, or alternatively, wire fasteners or similar clamps can be used.
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